The Daily Six Works, at Work!

I want to give you an overview how to change focus, minds and culture.

Not just the warm and fuzzy but also the practical and tangible examples of why these ideas work and how to get them to work in your organization.

I remember speaking at an event where Les Brown was speaking too. He said two things that have always stuck with me: 1. I will not say anything new tonight, 2. If you do what I tell you it will change your life forever. So change is in the doing not in the knowing.

The Daily Six tenets are very much like that, they are designed to help individuals reduce stress and anxiety and allow them to develop, maintain, and enhance a sense of balance. Individuals who regularly use the material in The Daily Six say they have a sense of calm and the ability to maintain peace of mind under all circumstances. Organizations who utilize these ideas become more: open, productive, connected and positive.

As we look around at the current issues in today’s headlines we see behavior indicative of poor leadership allowing for bad decision-making and a systemic breakdown in corporate culture across many industries.

To rebuild confidence with people both internally and externally these organizations and the individuals who run them need to find and use a clear and easily discernable path, which uses a simple moral compass everyone can follow. When everyone is clear and headed in the right direction people know what is expected, what will be rewarded, what will not and making right decisions a simple by-product.

Let’s build this moral compass together. Starting where everything must start, with willingness. Willing to pick the right path, and not some pie in the sky path leading to the singing of Kumbaya but a path the leads not just to high ethical standards but also lead to a high productivity, low turn over and a quicker and more nimble organization.

Here’s how The Daily Six can work at work.

* Quiet Time – take five minutes in the morning and evening and get back your entire day. QT helps you start, end and restart your day with focus, perspective and clarity. QT brings you a sense of confidence and strength that builds confidence, strength, perspective and clarity in others. People follow confident leaders. Quiet time helps you stay focused on your goals, allowing them to materialize quicker and effectively.

* Service – changes your focus from CYA to CTA (cover their a..). When you really care about their success they’ll relax and begin to work to their capacity. Service builds spirit and values that strengthen the leader and the team of any size. It changes your focus from “What’s in it FOR me” to “What’s in it FROM me”.

* Love & Forgiveness – Love – is defined as: “Seeing the needs of others and treating their needs as important as your own”. This works at home or in customer service. Showing genuine care and interest in the success of people around you strengthens the sense of community and blows the top off productivity. Forgiveness – allows you to move forward with a clear head each day. Don’t let the grudges of past experiences distract you from the present moment. Move from judging into serving and supporting. Hard decisions must be made, make them and move on. Let past pains, resentments and angers go. Move positively into each new day.

* Gratitude – underlies the whole program. Focusing on gratitude frees you from the bondage of negative emotions, which block the positive effects of the first 5 steps. Being grateful for and valuing your life, family, work and co- workers changes your whole perspective. You live in the moment: the only way to affect real change. You learn something from every experience and embrace both the good and bad ones. When people feel valued, REALLY valued, they know it and performance soars.

* Action – separates The Daily Six from every other plan. Without action, this is simply an intellectual process that does not facilitate change. Action facilitates change. Leaders need to be seen as taking action. Become driven by simple actions that will create a change of focus. By using all the other steps the actions you take will build up the confidence and effectiveness of you and others in your organizations.

As you become focused, caring and supportive using The Daily Six you will become a strong, confident, and supportive person. You will attract people with like skills and qualities, creating a circle of success that repeats day after day and year after year.

Here is a real life example of how using the tenets of The Daily Six work
*Read this excerpt from a study of Phillips Plastics Corporation:
How does a company like Phillips Plastics Corporation maintain an average return on equity of more than 22% for 34 years? Certainly its capacity to focus on customers, innovate, take intelligent risks and manage its growth from 13 people to more than 2,000 are some of the reasons for its successful and profitable standing. Yet the people who built this high performing plastics organization are quick to advise that these admirable organizational characteristics are secondary to the real ingredient for its success-the organization’s People Process Culture!

Leaders at all levels of the organization must always practice the espoused values. It may take months, even years to build a strong People Process Culture, but it takes only a few seconds of a leader’s behavior to destroy the belief people have in the values of the culture.

Willingness creates an open and honest mindset across the entire organization. People stop moving at the “speed of don’t screw up” accelerating productivity. Innovation and results are valued over rules and status quo. An entrepreneurial spirit is created when people feel they can question policy and direction without fear of backlash or reprisal. Departments communicate both horizontally and vertically because they understand and value that success for one means success for all. People understand and value their personal and departmental contribution to organizational successes. You will be approachable and connected to the people in your life both personally and professionally. Success breeds success with this mindset you will strengthen any division, organization or family.

People and organizations that practice willingness read more, learn more, share more. Management supports and focuses on the success of those below them and when people feel someone else cares about and is focused on their success they will produce at record levels.

With willingness you will: believe in and find the highest real value in yourself and others; with willingness you will step outside your comfort zone; be open to a much more innovative, interactive, productive and profitable organization.

Charles T. Krueger, Ph.D.
People Process Culture Chair, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Precision Manufacturing magazine.
Author’s note: Krueger’s is a 1999 study, a 2007 study show ROE, sales and profits continue to be solid.