Take initiative to make things better. Work hard in the difficult times so the bad times aren’t so bad and good times are amazing.

We provide practical and applicable opportunities to accomplish our client’s goals including workshops, webinars, speaking, coaching and assessment testing.

Our groundbreaking research addressing the integration of the intellectual and emotional components of the brain allow us to offer significantly more effective programs that will instill positive change in our client’s organization.

Each of our holistic programs strengthens talent while improving vital systems and processes. We define, design, and develop the programs that build upon the strengths of our clients.

The development of a vibrant culture energizes an entire organization. Whether a corporation, institution, government agency or a nonprofit organization, we will design and deliver programs, which foster positive, open communications. That will in turn maximize the return on investment for each stakeholder throughout the organization and beyond. The resulting sense of connection, personal growth and optimism will permeate all levels of the organization, thereby bolstering productivity, reducing stress, absenteeism and turnover.

We provide over 200 years of combined experience an have proven that shown that a well focused, well trained and well positioned workforce will deliver the desired ROI back to the organization. We work to maximize the highest return on investment for each employee.

Book A Workshop

The Daily Six
Six Simple Steps to Find the Perfect Balance of Prosperity and Purpose

by John Chappelear

Published GP Putnam, 125 pages, Paperback 2007
Reprinted and Translated into Arabic, 2013
Winner of Best Book Award. 2006 USA BookNews

Book is personally signed by John Chappelear and the cost of freight is included.

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