Common Sense Laws of Leadership

Leadership skills are must to have thing for successful entrepreneurs, managers and executives. The success or failure of my department, division or business depends on the quality of my decisions. Everyday business leaders need to rely on excellent management and leadership skills to drive the business in the proper direction that leads towards success.

It is all about how you handle the people and react to the problem situations. Leadership skills help to support yourself and your employees and help them stay focused to achieve the organization objectives. A great leader sets the goals and prepare appropriate plan to achieve those goals.

Leader must have these skills to lead the organization in a better way.

Here is my list of fundamental but very effective skills that every leader should master. I call them, the common sense laws of leadership.

Empathic Detachment – the ability to listen and connect with someone and then detach when they leave so the problem doesn’t become yours

The Rock in the Pond – Importance of and power of each leader’s mood in the of their department or division each day.

Model the Behavior You Expect – requires managers to reflect on the behavior their staff see of them each day.

Be a conduit to their Success – helps leaders and managers to move from telling to teaching

Change the People or Change the People – encouragement to teach, encourage and develop your people but then be honest with yourself with the people that don’t change.

What you Allow you Teach – teaches the importance of consistency everyday in the lives of leaders.

Set Expectation and Hold People Accountable – the importance of creating the expectations of all people and the importance of accountability in the development of the expectations.

You can’t over include and you can’t over communicate – addresses the two critical issues of willingness to include others into the management process and open up communication even when it is uncomfortable. Help make management more transparent.

Hopes and Dreams don’t come from Hoping and Dreaming – the component of action vs. planning in the accomplishment of goals. Eliminates “Paralysis by Analysis”.

They don’t know what they don’t know – the realization that assumptions of what others know can be the recipe for the downfall of leaders.

Everyone Wants to Be but No One wants to Become – the importance of daily movement toward a goal and not to let failures and problems hold you back.

Clairvoyance is not part of the job. – The importance of communication in the leadership process. This will be critical information as to how to get and give direction and suggestions to maximize productivity.