About Changing The Focus


We strive to be the most effective consulting firm on Leadership, Positive Change and Education. We partner with organizations that value their people and wish to engage them positively and effectively, with solid and measurable results.


We will consistently apply our core competencies of education, change, and leadership to create programs which will help move our clients to ward their goals with the least stress and the most positive results.


We require the highest ethical and professional standards. We are committed to learning and growing to stay on the leading edge within our fields of expertise. In every relationship we seek to build an atmosphere of cooperative interaction that will result in positive growth and success for everyone.

Why We Are Different

We work with you to identify your needs and goals and then create a specific curriculum based on those needs. We offer the ability for you and your staff to experience new concepts, not just learn about them. We show attendees identify the true value of their new skills, insuring success at all levels. We delve more deeply, beyond “what to do” or even “how to do”. We work with our clients to support a clear understanding of “why we do” and show them; on both an intellectual and an emotional level how their contributions are critical to the success of the entire organization.

We advance people from thinking about work to experiencing work, which creates a dramatically higher level of engagement, commitment and motivation across the entire organization. Through our exceptional staff and with our three key disciplines of change, education and leadership we will help you assess need and create unique programs specifically to address those needs. We will make sure you have a process that will provide a clear picture of success that everyone can visualize and deliver.

We use assessment testing, variable length workshops, webinars, speaking and coaching to provide you and your team with clear, achievable skills to accomplish your goals. Each member of our team has held numerous leadership positions in organizations around the world. Each member is published and considered an expert within their individual field. Each member of our team has at least 20 years experience in helping organizations change grow and flourish.

We know what to teach and how to make it learning friendly. When you work with us at Changing the Focus, LLC, we will Re-energize, Re-focus and Re-turn your people ready, willing and eager to complete the tasks at hand.

Our Team

John Chappelear
President, Primary Trainer and Principal for Curriculum Development

John is an award-winning author, consultant and speaker, with more than 30 years experience as an executive and entrepreneur. He is recognized internationally as an expert in individual and organizational wellness. His book, The Daily Six, has helped individuals and organizations across the world become more positive and productive.

Daniel Carzoli
Senior Vice President of Curriculum Development

Senior Trainer for The Daily Six for Families in Recovery, Dan’s skills in recovery and trauma make him an expert in dealing with and correcting levels of stress, burn-out and negativity, in small or large groups. A clinician for over 30 years and founder of Carzoli Consulting, he specializes in staff training, facility start-ups, general population education and trauma’s connection to relapse and permanent change.

Richard Hadden
Senior VP of Training and Leadership, Chief Project Development Officer

Richard has more than 20 years of experience conducting leadership training, and helping businesses create a focused, engaged and capably led workforce. As the co-author of four books on leadership and employee engagement, he has conducted extensive research into the characteristics of the most successful leaders and their organizations. He has spoken and conducted training throughout North America, and in Europe, Australia, South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Rania Fouad
Director of Events and Bookings

Rania started her career working in marketing and event planning with international hotel chains. She then moved to training, coaching and consultancies with internationally funded projects targeting the Capacity Development of governmental institutions in Egypt. Rania is also a passionate researcher and writer about mind-soul matters.

Dr. Gamal Ahmed
Senior Consultant, Leadership in Education

Dr. Ahmed is the associate professor of the curriculum and teaching at the University of Cairo in Egypt, and the international researcher of nanotechnology education. He also is an international member in Nanoscale Informal Science Education, NISE network. He has international experiences in education, management and technology.

Dr. Ahmed Al Hariri
Senior Consultant, Curriculum Development, Brain and Motivation Modeling

Dr. Al Hariri is an assistant professor and professional psychologist who works in several universities in Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries. He practices psychotherapy in Kingdom Hospital in Riyadh and is a consultant for numerous companies and foundations. He has established an academic program based on behavior, daily practices, society, and public awareness.

David A. Pichette
Trainer – Communication/Video Specialist

David A Pichette’s greatest strength is communicating. He has been speaking, teaching and groups both small and large, for more than 40 years with great success. For ten years, he developed, produced radio and television shows. David taught high school for 12 years and was a successful grant writer for more than 20 years and coauthored a book on fundraising in 2006.

Munif Bajamil
Gulf/Saudi Arabia Region Outreach Manager, Head of Client Interface

Munif has supervised many training programs overseas for various government entities. Mr. Bajamil’s unique perspective as a Saudi citizen adds significant understanding and value to our clients helping them guide them to determine suitable training programs that meet their specific training needs and guarantee best investment of their time and money.