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We create workshops that are custom designed and developed specifically
for each client based on needs, expectations and time available.


John Chappelear is an organizational consultant, author, trainer and speaker with over 25 years experience as a CEO and entrepreneur.

John‘s book The Daily Six which helps both individuals and organizations become healthier and more productive won the “Best Book Award” from USA Book News.

John‘s unique perspective comes from a hard earned sense of gratitude for all life‘s gifts, even the “Gifts of Devastation”.

In 1979 he founded, The Stationers Inc. an office products company in Washington, DC.

In 1986, Corporate Interiors Inc. was founded that offers high-end office furniture and interior design services. Both grew from a staff of 2 to over 250 and sales in excess of 50 million dollars per year.

John‘s credentials include an extensive under and post graduate education, a US Presidential Letter of Commendation and an award as an Outstanding Young Man in America.

John has served on the boards of over 50 local and national organizations and is a member with Leadership Greater Washington and the Society for Emotional Intelligence.


The pains that today’s organizations feel

Across the globe, more and more organizations are searching for solutions to an ever-expanding series of challenges.

As competition for the best talent continues to expand worldwide, retention of key employees becomes more difficult.
Is your organization the choice of the best candidates?

As loyalty, a sense of ownership and the ability to think critically decrease.
Are your workers thinking’….. ‘What can I get’ or ‘What can I give?’

With the role and behavior of business under increasing scrutiny, the need to create an organization that has the right values, ones which are clearly identified and assimilated throughout the organization is essential to success.

Do your stakeholders have pride and confidence in your organization, and is their mindset powerful, positive and client focused?

Gallup, Inc.
Companies with highly engaged work forces increase their earnings per share at a rate four times higher than that of industry counterparts with lower engagement. Gallup estimates show that disengaged employees in the US alone cost more than $300 billion in lost productivity.

Towers Watson and Thomson Reuters. Canada Ltd.
Global Workforce Study of 32,000 employees globally show that employees who believe their companies are high performers deliver sustainable engagement scores 16% higher than overall country norms. Specifically, Canadians showed more than 67% of workers admitted they were not fully engaged and were frustrated by insufficient support.

Gulf People Index
More than half of Gulf employees think their organization fails to attract the best talent or engage them to perform, once they are inside the corporation. Over two-thirds think their companies are not good at holding onto the best talent.

You.Gov, London, UK
Employee engagement relates directly to a company’s bottom line. Long-term commitment is essential if recruitment and training costs are not to spiral out of control.
Dr. Andy Brown, Managing Director of Organizational Consulting


  • Unclear organizational strategy, vision and/or mission, or no plan for implementation?
  • Weak leadership skills and poor management programs?
  • Wasting creative energy, time, talent and resources?
  • Lack of motivation and praise necessary to strengthen individual connection?
  • Poor communication skills creating significant decreases in engagement and optimism?
  • Projects and people not linked to key organizational goals?

For over 20 years we have created and delivered world-class programs to engage, connect and include employees across the organization.

Our Guiding Principle: When we focus on the success of others, our own success is assured. Let us help you work to re-engage, re-focus and re-energize your people


Top 5 Workshops designed in the last 12 months

1. InterActive Coaching
Accredited by the American Association of Continuing Medical Education

Level One - This is a great overview of the values and uses for coaching

Level Two - For staff members whose job responsibilities include coaching. These two can lead to an internal certification for coaching.

2. The Daily Six
Change: Permanent and Positive Establishing a Culture of Success

3. Strategic Direction/Planning and Thinking
Education in Depth - Devising, Communicating and Implementing your Organizational Strategies

4. Insightful Leadership
Balancing Emotion with Knowledge. Delivering Leaders that Engage and Motivate

5. Physicians Advanced Leadership Program
Helping Physician who are in leadership positions build solid engagement, connection and inclusion. These leadership skills raise morale and productivity while also lowering turnover and absenteeism. All workshops are custom designed and developed specifically for each client based on needs, expectations and time available.


These workshops have been designed and delivered in the past 60 months or are being designed for clients now

10 Soft Skills You Need 
Assertiveness And Self-Confidence
Attention Management
Being Successful and Likeable Boss
Body Language Basics
Business Acumen
Business Ethics
Business Writing
Change Management
Civility In The Workplace
Coaching And Mentoring
Collaborative Business Writing
Communication Strategies
Conducting Effective Employee Reviews 
Conflict Resolution
Creative Problem Solving
Critical Thinking
Customer Service
Delivering Constructive Criticism Encouragement
Developing Corporate Behavior
Developing Creativity
Emotional Intelligence
Employee Motivation
Employee Onboarding
Employee Recognition
Executive and Personal Assistants
Facilitation Skills
Generation Gaps
Goal Setting and Getting Things Done
Handling a Difficult Customer
Health and Wellness at Work
High Performing Teams
How To Develop New Managers
Improving Mindfulness 
Improving Self-Awareness
Increasing Your Happiness
Interpersonal Skills
Knowledge Management
Leadership And Influence
Manager Management
Managing Workplace Anxiety
Measuring Results From Training
Meeting Management
Middle Manager
Millennial Onboarding
Motivating Your Sales Team
Negotiation Skills
Networking (Outside the Company) 
Networking Within the Company (
Office Politics For Managers
Organizational Skills
Performance Management
Personal Productivity
Presentation Skills
Project Management
Public Speaking
Risk Assessment and Management
Safety In The Workplace
Social Intelligence
Social Learning
Stress Management
Supervising Others
Talent Management
Team Building for Managers 
Teamwork And Team Building
Time Management
Virtual Team Building And Management
Women in Leadership 
Work-Life Balance
Workplace Diversity
Workplace Harassment
Workplace Violence



Keynote Speeches are designed to motivate people within your organization or association. Speeches can be customized and combined with workshops, coaching or consultation to reinforce learning.


Strategic Direction ™ Business, Leadership/Culture/Results/Inclusion Speech
Set your organization along the path to prosperity with purpose. Strategic Direction aligns the focus of everyone in your organization, concentrating their energy and efforts on attaining your Organizational Vision. Create a Strategic Plan to achieve goals powered by your vision, and then instill Strategic Intent across all levels of your organization, collectively concentrating on the short-term actions needed to achieve your long-term goals. Build and sustain Strategic Momentum that keeps your team of empowered Strategic Thinkers moving your organization forward together, driven by emotion and the desire to achieve a greater good. Start steering your organization to success.

Insightful Leadership ™ Business, Leadership/Communication/Engagement Speech
Capture the hearts of your people. Arouse passion and purpose by leading with knowledge and emotion. Insightful Leaders empower employees, purposefully and intently guiding them toward your organization’s goals. They take up where planning leaves off and focused action takes over, inspiring employees to secure their success by attaining the organization's vision.

The Daily Six ™ Balance Life – Reduce Stress – Enjoy Life and Work
John discusses the struggles we all face today in trying to create balance for our over extended and over committed lives. John has developed his six simple, seamless steps for attaining greater peace of mind and for developing and setting priorities for work, family, community and self. John connects with and involves the audience with a warm and self-deprecating humor and personal heartfelt stories. John also encourages the audience to examine their lives, change their focus, and to stop waiting for life to get perfect to be happy. Everyone will leave one of John's keynotes with action steps to help them learn some simple ways to be happy, right now! Wherever you fit within your organization, whether front line worker, manager, or executive, John Chappelear’s upbeat message works for any professional struggling to find the balance between quantity of achievement, and quality of life.

Building Positive, Powerful, Productive and Profitable Organization Speech
Energize your organization by helping individuals succeed with significance. John changes your organization's focus, developing self-confidence among your team members, and teaching them to appreciate their co-workers and be grateful for their entire lives.

Strengthening Leadership Individually and Organizationally Speech
John builds emotion into leadership at all levels, capturing the hearts and the energies of people throughout the organization. People exude confidence, knowing that they are keys to your organization's success and agents of its intended goals.

Improve Communication to Improve Mood, Morale and Results Speech
Given a chance to connect and communicate, people will take it and move your organization forward. John cultivates inclusion -- not just vertically within departments or divisions but across the entire organization. See the resulting physical and mental sense of optimism, enthusiasm and community change and grow right before your eyes.

Building Powerful and Productive Teams That Work Better Together and Get More Done Speech
John has improved productivity and performance at universities, hospitals and corporations in the United States and abroad. He eliminates internal competition by focusing both management and staff on resolving the most relevant and pressing issues.

Improve Life and Work - Reduce Stress and Build Balance Speech
John guides people who want to succeed while generating a sense of significance for themselves and their organizations. He brings balance; drawing upon the personal lessons he has learned from being a husband, father and business leader.


Customized Consultation
We want to learn about the topics that are important to you so we can develop a custom cirriculum designed for the perfect presentation. How do you want the people in your organization to Think? Act? Feel? These are the topics that are important for any organization to identify so benchmarks can be acheived.

Our Focus is the Deliver the Changes You Want
Whether it’s Leadership, Stress Management, Communication, Trust Building, Coaching, Engagement, Strategic Thinking/Planning, or Critical Thinking, they are all qualities of successful organizations. Our focus is strengthening these soft skills that result solid results. Help us, help you, create the programs that will change your organization in positive and productive ways.

Who Should Get A Consultation
Leaders, Manager and Executive who want more productivity, engagement and positive energy from their people. Professional services providers who want stronger and longer relationships with their clients and employees who want feel more successful and are more committed to their jobs and their employers.We focus on Communication, Connection, Inclusion.

Why Training
Training keeps recruitment costs and turnover down, while driving revenue and profits up. Even with a tough economy, it is hard, and costly, to find good clients and employees.

What You Receive
A series of positive, fun, interactive workshops that deliver REAL and MEASURABLE results. People will come away amazed with the results, and so will you.

How We Work and Get More Done
We work differently than other training companies. We identify the changes YOU wish to see and then create programs to deliver the results you want. We have thousands of success stories from our clients let us help write one for you.

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